Unofficial tool for the BFL Shipping Queue

Are you curious how many Butterfly Labs ASIC orders still have to be completed before yours gets shipped? Florin CM has helped a great deal with an unofficial tool to help you know where you are in the queue. It’s pretty cool, check it out:

The author said he’s willing to put in the time for an accurate system, if Butterfly Labs are prepared to give him with access to what he needs.

its a pain in the ass the fact that we done know for sure some of the parameters they work … BFL can do this easy for all of us by doing a simple app where you add your mail and showing the No you are in the queue and a simple estimate when to expect it … i can do this for them if they give me more information, and if they dont have the resources for doing this simple thing that would make our life easier as customers … so if someone from BFL sees this … i can do this, you just have to explain how you system works and then ill build it… then you just change the parameters.

Then again, BFL may not want that.

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